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saw mill

Hauser Timber Frames and Wood Products is located in Foster, Rhode Island we design and manufacture timber frame kits from native timbers on the Hauser property of more than 60 acres.  

saw mill

Welcome to Hauser Timber Frames and Wood Products

Phil Hauser cutting his first piece of wood in the saw mill, 1979.

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Phil Hauser, Owner established his saw mill and business in 1979 and has many satisfied customers locally and nationwide.  Phil attended Haywood Technical Institute in Western, North Carolina and earned his degree in Wood Products  Technology in 1976.   Phil has been able to work on many custom projects and is regarding as an expert craftsman in New England.

Hauser Timber Frames and Wood Products offers our own timber frame kit packages with blue prints for homes, stables, and barns. We will work with you to design your custom building or meet your wood product needs. Hauser specializes in unique designs, post and beam, and timely service for large orders which include heavy timber trusses, flooring, and sheathing.  

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