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In Stock Timber Frame Kits

Hauser Timber Frames & Wood Products is known for its traditional joinery craftsmanship and custom post and beams.  We provide affordable and beautiful timber frames.  We will work with you to custom design and build timber frames of any size. 


Traditional Kit 1

24' by 24' with 10 or 12 pitch roof

This kit comes with pre-cut, planed, and numbered timbers; mortise and tenon joinery; 5" X 7" dovetailed purlins and floor joists; and braces.   All joints are fully housed.

10" x 8" Posts

10" X 6" Girts

Traditional Kit 2

36' x 24'  


Hybrid Kit 3

24' by 24' with 10 or 12 pitch roof

This kit  is timber frame on the first floor only, with conventional rafters on 16" centers. The floor joists are not dovetailed.​  

Hybrid Kit 4

24' x 36'

timber frame
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